Latest Regina Area Geocaching News:

Meet 'n' Greet: Learn about Lab Caches

This event, hosted by Mowan has been published today to be held on February 23rd. February is the month to try out the new lab caches. I decided we should try Chinese this month. Come and join your caching buddies to exchange your favourite caching tales and visit. Bring your trackables and coins to share if you wish.

Meet & Greet, 2014 Cache-olutions! Event

This event hostted by Trillium03 has been published. Another year has come and gone. Christmas is over, the gifts have been opened, the turkey is all gone and 2014 has arrived! New Year resolutions have been made but have you made your 2014 "Cache-olutions"? At last years "First 2013 Meet & Greet", those of us who attended, made some cache-olutions. Let's see who kept them and do a prize draw for those who succeeded! Put your thinking caps on and bring "Your Cache-olutions for 2014" to the event.

Thanks for the Memories Event - Third edition

Come join us for an afternoon of fellowship as we finish off another successful year of caching adventures As the year comes to a close it is always great to get together for some chit chat and sharing of caching memories and trackables. There will be light refreshments at this come and go event. It will be very relaxed and casual.

11-12-13? Sequential Date Event!

This event hosted by Applefish & Flipper girl, will be held at the Northgate Mall Food Court on Wednesday, December 11th 2013, 6pm ~ 8pm December 11th, 2013, or 11/12/13 is one of the LAST sequential dates of the century!

Geocaching in Space - Meet and Greet Event (Regina)

This event hosted by JJ21, oreo101 and Gizmo139 has been published , and will be held at Western Pizza 9th Avenue North on Thursday Nov/07/2013 from 6:00pm-8:00pm. Join us as a fellow Geocacher and Astronaut, Rick Mastracchio launches from Kazakhstan to journey to the International Space Station for a 6 month stay. He will be bringing along a Travel Bug too!!

Meet and Greet Halloween Container Exchange Event

This event hosted by Ma and Pa B & Harleymama06 has been published, and will be held at the 4 Seasons restaurant. There will be a container exchange, so if you want to participate, bring a geocaching container with you. Participation is optional. Bonus if the container is Halloween themed! Costumes are also optional but encouraged. PRIZES will be given for best costume.

South Saskatchewan Potluck Christmas Party 2013 Event

This annual event hosted by JoSask and SylvanSleuth has been published for Nov/16/2013. Come join us for an evening of good food, fun and socializing with fellow cachers! This is a potluck supper, so we ask that each family bring something to eat that will contribute to a delicious Christmas meal. If you could post what you are bringing, others will know what is needed! Please bring what you wish to quench your thirst. We will provide plates, cups, cutlery and napkins!

Ituna Fall Fair Geocaching Event

This event hosted by prairieshutterbug has been published for Oct/05/2013. From the event page: Ituna Fall Fair has something for everyone. Start the day with a Cowboy breakfast and Parade, take in the blue ribbon competition and threshing demonstration and end your day with supper and fireworks!

Farewell to Summer - Meet and Greet 2013 Event

This event hosted by navyguider has been published for Sunday September 15, 2013. Summer is almost gone so lets have one more barbecue just because we can. Autumn officially starts one week from this date and we need to celebrate a great summer of caching. With the 31 days of geocaching, there has been a number of great caches and events that we have all participated in. We all have stories to tell of our adventures, be it that one really neat cache we found, the great event that we attended, meeting up with cachers on the trail or just the overall fun we have had out on the hunt.

Living Skies 2014 Mega Event Published!

Big news for everyone in Saskatchewan, the event that the planning committee has been beginning to organize has now been published on It happenned a lot earlier than the planning comittee was expecting, but It's now official, and you can now post your 'will attend' log! Mark your calendars for Saturday, Jul/19/2014. Satellite events are also being planned for the days before and after.
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