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South Saskatchewan Potluck Christmas Party 2013 Event

Posted by Nezgar on September 28, 2013

This annual event hosted by JoSask and SylvanSleuth has been published for Nov/16/2013. Come join us for an evening of good food, fun and socializing with fellow cachers! This is a potluck supper, so we ask that each family bring something to eat that will contribute to a delicious Christmas meal. If you could post what you are bringing, others will know what is needed! Please bring what you wish to quench your thirst. We will provide plates, cups, cutlery and napkins!

We have a game or two planned and a Gift Exchange. If you wish to participate in the Gift Exchange, please bring a wrapped gift in the $5 - $10 range, with a geocaching theme! Each person participating in the gift exchange needs to bring a gift (ie a family of 4 would bring 4 gifts).

Everyone is welcome to the potluck supper! - newbies, oldies, out-of-towners, wannabes, children, spouses - all are welcome! Please log how many in your party are attending and if there are any children, too. This is a great opportunity to meet other cachers and share your caching stories and experiences. There will also be some door prizes!

The facility is a spacious room with a kitchen equipped with stove, fridge, microwave - everything! We need assistance with setup and cleanup - it goes so much faster with more hands! Please indicate in your log if you can help and we will contact you.

Visit the geocaching.com event page for more information and to post your 'will attend' log:


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