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Saskatchewan Parks Geocaching Officially Announced

Posted by Nezgar on September 1, 2011

The Sask Parks website now officially has a page describing their geocaching initiative to celebrate the 80th anniversary of provinical parks in this province.


The parks have been placing caches throughout most of the provincial parks all summer, with 60 published as of today. The caches will also initially contain unique anniversary trackable geocoins.

Saskatchewan Parks GeocoinSaskatchewan Parks Logo


Visit their list of published caches on geocaching.com, and if you have found any of these caches, you can also comment on them at the Sask Parks Facebook Page.

It was also very nice of them to also provide links on their page to bith the Regina Geocachers and Saskatoon Area Geocaching Association Websites.

Looking forward to visiting these geocaches in Saskatchewan Parks, and spotting these geocoins in our travels!

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