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Geocaching in Space - Meet and Greet Event (Regina)

Posted by Nezgar on October 28, 2013

This event hosted by JJ21, oreo101 and Gizmo139 has been published , and will be held at Western Pizza 9th Avenue North on Thursday Nov/07/2013 from 6:00pm-8:00pm. Join us as a fellow Geocacher and Astronaut,  Rick Mastracchio launches from Kazakhstan to journey to the International Space Station for a 6 month stay. He will be bringing along a Travel Bug too!!


"Rick will live aboard the ISS for 6 months. He plans to use the Travel Bug as a tool to teach students on Earth, in his home state of Connecticut, about geography and science. He’ll also earn the Solar System’s most elusive smiley and find the International Space Station geocache. This is a worldwide event and GC.com will be giving out a virtual souvenir for all event attendees. So put on your space helmets and come on out!

The launch time is scheduled for 10:08 CST Nov. 6/13 so when we have our event the launch will have already taken place, weather permitting.

Visit the geocaching.com event page for more information and to post your 'will attend' log:


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