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Farewell to Summer - Meet and Greet 2013 Event

Posted by Nezgar on September 5, 2013

This event hosted by navyguider has been published for Sunday September 15, 2013. Summer is almost gone so lets have one more barbecue just because we can. Autumn officially starts one week from this date and we need to celebrate a great summer of caching. With the 31 days of geocaching, there has been a number of great caches and events that we have all participated in. We all have stories to tell of our adventures, be it that one really neat cache we found, the great event that we attended, meeting up with cachers on the trail or just the overall fun we have had out on the hunt.

The Condie Nature Refuge area also has a number of caches that she is sure not everyone has had a chance to find and log. This will give you that excuse to travel down that road to get these great caches, some of which are very inventive.

Navcomm and navyguider will provide the meat, plates, napkins, cutlery, etc and soda for the event. The rest is potluck, when you register, please indicate how many are coming in your group and if you are bringing a salad or dessert.

Visit the geoaching.com event page for more information and to post your 'will attend' log:


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